x amplituhedron

x amplituhedron / intervals festival 2017, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Symmetry of nature, negative and positive visual thinking are the main characters of X audiovisual installation.
Symmetry is one of the most fundamental principles of both nature and music. It is that incredible idea, that one aspect of any system can change while another will remain constant. The concept of nature and its laws rely on symmetrical forms, meaning that the same forces will apply to everyone, independently of their position in space or time. And the search for the nature’s symmetry lies at the heart of much of our best models of reality (see Noether’s Theorem or more recent uses of symmetries in things like the ‘amplituhedron’!). The same principle can also be implied to audiovisuals with our pleasure of tonality, melody, harmony and rhythm. All of it comes from our subconscious appreciation of different types of symmetrical patterns in installation. The installation demonstrates the beauty in simplicity: as in simple noises, negative&positive visual perception, strobes, lines and mind- blowing visuals and sounds. Content is mainly generated by sound, values of nature, morse codes and mixed media. Processing of visual content and sounds by the brain leave remnants in its structure as it learns about the outside world. Eventually the universe and the platonic realm of laws and structures are perceived. But while the natural laws and their resulting universe seem to create and contain the mind, the mind ultimately contains them all.

Concept + visuals: Orkhan Mammad (origraphy)
Music : Origraphy + Farid Amir
Laser & Production: Dreamlaser
Laser designer: Daria Istomina
Artist label: lunchmeat + scope.xyz
Assistance: Vladimir Mitichenko (VMT)
Curator: Ksusha Chekhovskaya

© 2017


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